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Workshops of fresco painting

Workshops of "Buon fresco" technique lead by prof. Hari Vidović in House of frescoes in Draguć every Wednesday in August (09.08.; 16.08.; 23.08.; 30.08.2017.) Paint your own fresco and learn more about frescoes art and frescoes in Draguć`s churches! Info and booking: +385 (0)91 723 6224; or in House of frescoes in Draguć . More infromations HERE

Antiques fair

Every Wedensday (from 19th July till 27th September) in front of the Pazin`s Castle, from 10:00

Summer workshops at Ethnographic Museum of Istria

My new – old doll: Toys workshop                                                                                                                                         
Mostly because of poverty, children made their own toys with the materials available to them (old rags, broken cooking utensils, sticks...). The girls made rag dolls, boys made rag balls, pipes out of sticks and so on... During the workshops the children will be able to make a rag doll, a whirligig and other toys.

Pottery in Rakalj :
Workshop of making clay pots                                                                                                                     
The knowledge about making pots was passed from generatin to generation, and in Rakalj, as one of the most important pottery centers in Istria, pots were produced from the 60s of the 20th century. Participants will have the opportunity to make pots according to the principle as they were made in Rakalj. After making the pots, participants can take them with them, and when pots are dry can be painted.

: Workshop of making kažun                                                                                                                                              
This workshop helps us to get to know better Istrian cultural landscape and traditional architecture. The participants will learn about about the function, shape and tradition of the little houses called kažuni. The workshop is made with a mosaic technique. According to the template, participants glue thicker pieces of
self-sticking cardboard which look like stone bricks. After that, it could be docored with drawing technique.


Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm
Price: 10 kn per person

Pazinski cukerančić

Cukerančić is a traditional Istrian cake which is the most popular on the weddings and other important family celebrations. LAG "Središnje Istre", Alida Vadanjel and Davorka Šajina try to keep the recipe alive, so they took the initiative to protect and promote this unique cake. There are so many recipes how to prepare a good cukerančić (because every recipe has some small differences), but it is still not define the exact numer of it.

The cake is named "Pazinski" because it represents the way of preparing cukerančić on the teritory of Pazin or central Istria. For preparing Pazinski cukerančić is traditionaly used baking ammonia (or ammonium bicarbonate) insted of using baking powder or baking soda. After baking, the cake gets wet in the wine (Malvasia) just on one side and then it is putted in the coarse sugar. Pazinski cukerančić has a specific shape.

In the other parts of Istria, the cake gets wet in the grappa and then in the sugar (powder). This cake can stay for a few day and still be good. 

Istrian prosciutto pride of Tinjan municipality

Tinjan is a place that proudly preserves its history and tradition whether it relates to the symbols of the area – stone dry walls and pools, Istrian traditional tools (kosiri and rankuni), folklore and architectural heritage, folk tales or legends, or relating to superior gastronomic specialities such as Istrian prosciutto (pršut).The tradition of the production of superb smoked ham is nowadays in Tinjan area  preserved by numerous registered prosciutto manufactories and in 2006 Tinjan proclaimed itself the Municipality of Istrian smoked ham. In October is held International prosciutto fair ISAP

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