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Festival Musica Sacra in Pazin

The “Musica Sacra” choir festival, with over 20 years of tradition, will be taking place in Croatia for the second time. The festival participants will hold concerts of friendship on Saturday 15 October, starting at 8.30 pm, in Pazin and Vrsar. The festival’s main event will take place on Sunday 16 October in Rovinj. Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Slovenia hosted past festivals; but now, thanks to the Roženice mixed choir from Pazin and the company Vedras d.o.o., with support from Maistra d.d., the City of Pazin, Pazin City College, the Tourist Board of Central Istria, the Tourist Board of Vrsar and the Tourist Board of Rovinj, Croatia joined the list of host nations with a tendency to assume the role of a traditional host. Entry to all concerts is free of charge.

Web market with local products

As part of the activities of "Choose local" ther`s launched online market through which you can buy directly from the Istrian producers or farms that grow fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs, flowers, honey ... You can see offer HERE

New walking paths

Two circular walking paths have been promoted during last October in Borut, both starting from Borut train station, and marked with yellow/green marcation signs. The walking path of St. Kocijan (Cantianus) climbs first on the top of the homonymous hill south from Borut, then to Paz (historical Passberg), passes by Makarunska Vas and climbs back to starting point.  The Path of St. Silvester leads us to oposite direction, to 7 km distant Draguć, socalled Istrian Hollywood, and back.

Pazin abbys

Educational walking path through Pazin`s abyss is partially open, entrance is from the side of Hotel Lovac and Zipline. For Caving adventure You must announce Your visit (in July and August are guided tours at 10:00 and 16:00). Zip line is open everyday from 10:00 - 19:00. To nature lovers do not remain deprived, there is a track that leads to the waterfall "Pazinski krov", which is located only 500 meters from the Pazin castle.


More informations about bike trails Buzet-Motovun-Pazin (From old pool to old poll - Od lokve do lokve) and Pazin-Žminj-Svetvinčenat (Trail of waterfalls - Staza vodopada)

Pazinski cukerančić

Cukerančić is a traditional Istrian cake which is the most popular on the weddings and other important family celebrations. LAG "Središnje Istre", Alida Vadanjel and Davorka Šajina try to keep the recipe alive, so they took the initiative to protect and promote this unique cake. There are so many recipes how to prepare a good cukerančić (because every recipe has some small differences), but it is still not define the exact numer of it.

The cake is named "Pazinski" because it represents the way of preparing cukerančić on the teritory of Pazin or central Istria. For preparing Pazinski cukerančić is traditionaly used baking ammonia (or ammonium bicarbonate) insted of using baking powder or baking soda. After baking, the cake gets wet in the wine (Malvasia) just on one side and then it is putted in the coarse sugar. Pazinski cukerančić has a specific shape.

In the other parts of Istria, the cake gets wet in the grappa and then in the sugar (powder). This cake can stay for a few day and still be good. 

Istrian prosciutto pride of Tinjan municipality

Tinjan is a place that proudly preserves its history and tradition whether it relates to the symbols of the area – stone dry walls and pools, Istrian traditional tools (kosiri and rankuni), folklore and architectural heritage, folk tales or legends, or relating to superior gastronomic specialities such as Istrian prosciutto (pršut).The tradition of the production of superb smoked ham is nowadays in Tinjan area  preserved by numerous registered prosciutto manufactories and in 2006 Tinjan proclaimed itself the Municipality of Istrian smoked ham. In October is held International prosciutto fair ISAP

Peka cooking

Traditional cooking method of Istria`s interior. A clay pot and tightly fitting lid with a narrow hole are typically used. Filled with meat, potatoes and vegetables, the pot is buried in hot coals in a open fireplace while the hole remains uncovered. The metod`s slow cooking yields a hearty dish with wonderfully tender meat and vegetables and beautifully integrated flavours...Try it in one of our Family farms

Zip line Pazinska jama

Adrenaline attraction you will long remember starts on Hotel Lovac Green terrace in Pazin, and is divided in four parts. First two lines are 80 meters long and they are preparing us for main lines that are crossing the canyon. Third line is 220 m long, the maximum height of 100 m, just above the sinkhole. We land in the yard of the Writer's house. Here is a starting point for our last and longest line (280 m), which gives you enough time to enjoy the unusual view on a grandiose abyss and a medieval castle on its cliffs. VIDEO

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