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Cooking class

Cooking Class – Culinary Workshop

If you are a true gourmet, a cook or simply a gastronomy lover and if you wish to learn about the Istrian gastronomy, we have prepared for you a few culinary workshops of traditional and modern Istrian gastronomy.

In the heart of Istria, on Gortanov brijeg, near Pazin, in the “Education and gastronomic centre of Istria”, we have ensured a complete experience of the local eno-gastronomy tradition through interactive cooking with professional chefs, according to the principles of Istrian gastronomy: simplicity of preparation, freshness of ingredients, seasonal and local food.

Experience an unforgettable day in Istria, a day filled with flavours, tastes and fragrances of the Istrian peninsula.

Culinary workshop - traditional dishes

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