Pazinski cukerančić

Pazinski cukerančić

Cukerančić is a traditional Istrian pastry. It is most commonly made for weddings, but it is also present for other family celebrations like baptisms, first Communions and confirmations. But, here are certain differences in recipes and the way of making cukerančići across Istria. In Pazin area, or central Istria, there are certain characteristics that justify the use of the name “Pazinski”. In the making of “Pazinski cukerančić”, ammonia is traditionally used (instead of baking powder or baking soda). Baked cukerančići are then dipped into wine (malvazija) and coarse sugar. in other parts of Istria, cukerančići are dipped in homemade brandy and powder sugar. “Pazinski cukerančić” can be easily recognized by its characteristic, branched, shape.
From 2018. making of Pazinski cukerančić is declared for intangible cultural heritage of Croatia.

Places to buy:
Franine i Jurine 2b, Pazin, tel. +385(0)52 380 057
25. rujna 11, Pazin, tel. +385 (0)52 624 886

Workshop for making cukerančić:
Katun Lindarski 60, Pazin, tel. +385 (0)52 693 035

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