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Honey producers

Dantinjana, Lazi

Dantinjana Vinko

Laze 70, Motovun, Motovun

+385 (0) 52 621 264; +385 (0)91 734 50 79

Dantinjana Vinko

Laze 70, Motovun

Tel. +385 (0) 52 621 264;  gsm +385 (0) 91 734 5079

Vinko started beekeeping forty years ago and today became one of the largest Istrian honey producers. He proudly says that there is no contest from which he has not brought home a medal. Vinko's long experience of beekeeping is reflected in numerous technological innovations aimed at improving the standard procedures of beekeeping in Langstroth hives. On his family estate at Lazi, a small village situated within a rich fruit-growing area near Kaldir, visitors can learn about his beekeeping methods and taste varieties of honey, honeycomb and propolis. Apart from acacia honey, Vinko produces chestnut, ivy, meadow and honeydew honey - all varieties that are produced in Istria. At the moment he is working on perfecting the production of pollen that is brought into the hives on bees' legs and that is becoming popular due to its medical properties. Pollen is one more gift of nature to man.

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