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Honey producers

Pilaj, Motovun

´Api Pilaj` Obiteljsko pčelarstvo Pilaj

Divjaki 1, Motovun, Motovun

+385 (0) 52 681 730

´Api Pilaj`Family Beekeeping Pilaj

Divjaki 1, Motovun

Tel. +385 (0) 52 681 730

Travellers who come to Motovun from Pazin, often stop in front of the breathtaking view of the town of Veli Jože (a famous legendary giant who lived there) in search of the best position to record this sight with their cameras. But they can do more - in the yard of the Pilaj family house every photographer will have his or her expectations satisfied along another luxurious Motovun palette - that of honey products coming from the family beehives scattered around the Motovun area. Just ring the bell! “Api Pilaj” is, in the right meaning of the word, family beekeeping. When it comes to bees, the main expert is the young Sanjin Pilaj who has inherited the beekeeping tradition from his father. For beautiful decoration of the presentation room and attractive design of the products responsible is Sanjin's mother, and you can often see the whole extended family on the estate. Taste the acacia, meadow, mixed, chestnut, honeydew honey, also as comb honey, followed by a combination of honey and walnuts, hazelnuts or almond, then propolis, or pollen, and medomix (honey mix) - a particular blend of various bee products prepared against a medieval recipe.

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