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Honey producers

Janković, Livade

Obiteljsko gospodarstvo Janković


+385 (0) 52 664 143; +385 (0) 95 812 98 70

Family estate Janković


Tel. +385 (0) 52 664 143, gsm +385 (0) 95 812 9870

Svetozar Janković started beekeeping ten years ago learning from his experienced father-in-law Petar Basaneže. He adopts exclusively the migratory method of beekeeping in Langstroth beehives which are spread in the Mirna valley and in other locations in Istria. He has received many awards, but his favourite award is a thank-you- note received from His Holiness the Pope who, during his visit to Croatia in 2003, was given Svetozar's acacia honey on behalf of the Croatian Beekeepers Association. In Svetozar's newly refurbished shop in the centre of Livade guests can taste various varieties of honey and honey products and learn about the history of beekeeping and various types of hives that were used in the past. Svetozar's wish is to see Istrian beekeepers receive the licence for the geographic origin of the acacia honey which is, in his opinion, nobody in Europe has due to the favourable climate of Istria. Its superiority is also confirmed by excellent results achieved in a number of exhibitions.

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