Other important sights

The Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan Monastery - The monastery and the church of the Visitation of the Holy Virgin originate from the  middle of the 15th century. The church has a late Gothic presbytery based on the model of St. Nicholas. During the past centuries, the Franciscans held the pharmacy and the hospital in the monastery.

A public school was there from 1781 to 1834, and a grammar school with classes in German from 1836 to 1873. Rim is the greatest holiday celebrated by the Pazin Franciscans. The Church has given a privilege to Franciscan order - everyone who visits the church of the Virgin of Angels in Assisi on August 2 gets an absolution of sins. That custom spread to many Franciscan churches including the one in Pazin.

The Public Records Office

The Public Records Office  in Pazin is one of the richest archives in Croatia by its archival material, and by its notarial legacy. It leaves even some big archives behind. The Royal State Grammar School -  the first grammar school in Istria with classes in Croatian operated here from 1899 to 1919.

The Roman Catholic Seminary

One of the most noticeable buildings in town is the building of former Catholic Seminary in Juraj Dobrila Street. The building was built by the Student Support Society for Istria before the World War I and its purpose was to be pupil's home. The institution Fabio Filzi has taken this for a place since 1936 and all the armies used it in the World War II. Catholic Seminary has operated here since 1945 and another school - The Pazin College - a grammar boarding school (Pazinski kolegij - klasična gimnazija) and one of the first private grammar schools in Croatia since 1993.

Spomen dom The Memorial centre

The Memorial Centre of Union and Freedom has been built as a memorial to September 1943, when it was decided in Pazin, that Istria will join the rest of Croatia. It is a multifunctional building, which nowadays is the convergence point of cultural and social life, with a library, exhibiting places, concert and cinema halls and the adjoining contents. >>>  Pučko otvoreno učilište.

The Stream of Pazin - Pazinčica

The Stream of Pazin, or the Pazincica, originates from three smaller streams: Lipa, Rakov and Borut Stream, and enters the hollow of Pazin from the North. As the terrain is Karst, the stream flow forms many bigger and smaller cascades, waterfalls and lakes, some suitable for a summer bathe.

Pazinski krov and Zarecki krov are among the most interesting structures. The valley of Pazin Stream, together with the Pazin Cave where the stream sinks into subterranean passages, is an attractive natural area for a number of nature lovers as cyclists, climbers, walkers and anglers. During the past, water flow was used for mill running, and their remains can still be seen along the banks.

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