Authentic Istria - Good mood / Good food

The promotional film Authentic Istria - Good mood / Good food includes a part of the gastronomic offer of the Tourist Board of Central Istria, the Tourist Board of Barban, Buzet, Kanfanar, Svetvinčenat and Žminj (14 local self-government units), directed and produced by Labin 52.

The backbone of the film is the rich local gastronomy and good mood that Istrian local food encourages. The film presents Istrian cuisine: truffles, prosciutto, wine, čripnja, cheese, oysters, homemade pasta, desserts such as Cukerančić and Christ's Crown and others.

In the film, the viewer meets the hosts who are in the field, in their catering facilities and production units to show the originality and quality of local food offered in central Istria. In addition to gastronomic experiences, there are other unique experiences on offer: sleeping on straw, driving through beautiful landscapes, tasting fresh food in the field or on a boat, lunch among the vineyards, socializing with the hosts, etc. As the film's narrator says is the local world where one can taste the richness and excellence of the local.

The promotional film was realized within the activities defined by the Agreement on Association of Tourist Boards of Towns and Municipalities from Central Istria entitled "Authentic Istria", which consists of the Tourist Board of Central Istria, the Tourist Board of Barban, Buzet, Kanfanar, Svetvinčenat and Žminj. The realization of the film was financed by the Fund for United Tourist Boards by Croatian Tourist Board.

Watch movie here

Live & work in Central Istria

The time has come to present you a project on which Tourist Board of Central Istria has been working on for several months.

Coronavirus and modern technology have changed the (business) world, so it is now possible to be on one side of the planet and work on the other, provided you have a good and reliable Internet connection. People who work that way are called digital nomads and they are mostly employed in the IT and marketing industries, which may not be the rule. That is why we decided to make a promotional campaign, as part of which we created a website, which will show digital nomads what opportunities they have to live and work in central Istria. You can view and share the website at the following link, thus contributing to its promotion.

The mentioned project is also aimed at extending the tourist season which implies an increase in tourist traffic, ie tourist consumption.

Happy holidays!

Tourist board of Central Istria wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Istria in American magazine

In the American travel magazine "Ultratravel", Istria is included in the most desirable new destinations that should be on the radar of travellers in 2022.
That's really encouraging for the 2022 season. We're glad that Istria, along with many world destinations such as Cape Town, Kyushu, Valencia, the Lower Mangattan Harbor area (NYC), Hong Kong, Olso and Nashville, deserved this recommendation.

Also, a photo of Pazin at sunset is on two pages (26-27) of the same magazine.

You can browse the maganizine here

This September in central Istria - Drive In cinema

Entering Croatia and available testing in Istria

To be allowed access to Croatia, we ask that you fulfil and evidence 1 of the following 5 criteria: A negative PCR or antigen test taken 48 hours before arrival at the border, a vaccination certificate showing final dose taken more than 14 days ago, proof of recovery from Covid more than 11 days and less than 180 days ago, proof of recovery and first dose of vaccination more than 11 days and less than 5 months ago, certificate declaring 10 days selfisolation in Croatia with option to test to release. If you are visiting from outside of the EU - Don't forget, you will also need to show evidence that you own property in Croatia or have paid for accommodation, be that in a hotel, camp site, private rental, boat or other tourism provider.
In central Istria, RAT tests can be done HERE.
Available testing in Istria you can find HERE

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