Trail of waterfalls 614

Technical description

Trail marked with number 614
Start: Pazin
End: Pazin
Length: 39 km
Difficulty: Medium
Altitude: 860 m
Highest point: 438 m
Lowest point: 123 m
Riding time: 2:15 - 2:30 h
Asphalt: 38 km 
Macadam: 1 km



MTB trail

Starting in front of the Castle, crossing the bridge and passing by the old factory "Pazinka", follow the main road to Beram. On the same way, turn back and go till the main road. Look for the sign Kirci, Čipri or Ladavci (when is the main road in front of you, turn right). When you arrive to Čerišnjevica, go to your right and you will come to Grdoselo. When you come to the church, turn left and on the end of the village turn right (drive trough vineyards and forest). On the crossroad go straight ahead and you will come to the waterfall. Cross the river, on asphalted road turn left and you will come to Kršikla. After Kršikla take white road that goes to Opatija, Fržana, Frki and Podmeja. From Podmeja to Grimalda is asphalted road. From Grimalda go on the same way back till the first crossroad and then follow the sign to Pagubice. Coming to Pagubice, turn left (uphill) and you will come to Cerovlje then turn right (direction Pazin). After few kilometers you will see the sign Zarečje (turn right) and after small church turn left (there is waterfall Zarečki krov). Crossing the waterfall, following the macadam way, on the main asphalted road turn right and you will arrive in Pazin.

Difficulty: Difficult 
Duration: 4 hours

Starting from Pazin (in front of Tourist Office), drive in direction of The Castle. Keep going forward. When you cross the bridge, you will pass by factory "Pazinka" and supermarket "PLODINE". After Plodine, follow the main road to Poreč. You will see a sign for Beram (on your right). One road from this turn leads to Beram, and the other one, which you choose, leads through the valley west of Beram. After the village Ladavci begins a steep descent to Čerišnjevica. In the village, turn right and on a gentle hill you will reach Grdoselo first, and at the end of the climb you reach the crossroad where you turn left towards Kršikla and Grimalda. From Grimalda you descent to Pagubice and climb up to Cerovlje, from where you return to Pazin by local road.

Family & recreation

After long uphill, passing by Grdoselo in direction of Pazin, do not turn left (Butoniga lake, Kršikla). Keep going on the main road to Pazin, passing by village Dušani.

The Castle of Pazin

The largest and best preserved medieval fortress of Istria (Pazin Town Museum and Ethnographic Museum), once seat of the Austrian part of Istria (Pazin County), situated on a cliff overlooking the Pazinčica River (speleoadventure, nature trail, zip-line). The Castle and the Cave have always been a source of inspiration for many writers (Dante Alighieri, Jules Verne, Vladimir Nazor).


One of the sites with the longest continuity of population in Istria. The radially arranged streets were set in prehistoric times. An impostrant Glagolitic center in the Middle Ages. Various original Glagolitic inscriptions are preserved in the Parish Church of St. Martin. The village is famous for the frescoes painted in 1474, work of Master Vincet from Kastav. The most well known cycle of Istrian frescoes decorate the small cemetery church of St. Mary on "Škriljinah" (on the Plates) 1,5 km north-east of Beram. One of the most fascinating scenes represent the Dance of Death as a great moral warning that all people are equal when facing death and no one can escape it. The village is also known as birthplace of the anit-fascist Vladimir Gortan.


The village was founded by the inhabitants of the nearby medieval castle of Zelengrad which is still visible north of the village. In the remains of the ancient settlement, the Grdoselo fragment was found, one of the most important monuments of the Croatian Glagolitic heritage. Today it is kept in the Parish Church dedicated to the Presentation of Mary in the Temple.

Waterfall Zarečki roof (Zarečki krov)

One of the highest Istrian waterfalls, actually a large cave that resembles a roof over which the Pazinčica stream creates a ten-meter high waterfall that flows into the lake. The most popular waterfall of the Pazinčica stream, palce of summer meetings and recreational activities. On the rocks around the waterfall there are interesting routes for rock climbing.

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