Trail of delicious flavours and adventures 102

Technical description

Trail marked with number 102
Start: Vižinada
End: Vižinada
Length: 30 km
Difficulty: Medium
Altitude: 390 m
Highest point: 333 m
Lowest point: 208 m
Riding time: 2:00 - 2:30 h
Asphalt: 11 km 
Macadam: 19 km



The wooded hills surrounding Karojba, around the springs of Valigaštar and Vrućak, still abound in historical sites that have not been fully researched. Hadum - brig, Krč, Liretov brig, Glogovac, Šublenta... All these hills have been inhabited since prehistoric times but razed to the ground on several occasions making it difficult for the historians to put the fragments together into a unique story. The majority of them, however, agree that, at Roman times, the area around the spring of Valigaštar contained a Roman military camp near which Roman roads crossed – the modern-day name of Karojba probably derives from the Roman name Quadrivium  – a crossroads.


The Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas had its interior painted with scenes from the St. Nicholas legend. The scene of his birth is best preserved. These are among the few preserved frescoes in Istria of undoubtedly Venetian origin. The scenes depict the legend of St. Nicholas.

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