Along the Karbuna stream 646

Techical description

Trail number 646
Start: Tupljak - Gologrčki dol
End: Tupljak
Length: 11.6 km
Difficulty: Easy
Altitude: 101 m
Highest point: 74 m
Lowest point: 23 m
Riding time: 1:00 - 1:30 h
Asphalt: 5.7 km 
Macadam: 6 km


Tupljak, a village in the municipality of Pićan, is located in the lowland area, and is known for its mining. This is the last coal mine in Croatia, which ceased operations in 1999. Thus, after almost 400 years of mining, coal production in Istrian coal mines was officially shut down. Mining exhibits, a mining station and a mining administrative building can be visited in the place (INFO: [email protected]).
Tupljak was first mentioned in historical sources in 1325, in the settlement there is a single-nave parish church of St. Bartul with a sacristy, built in the 15th century. In the cemetery there is a church of St. Hadrian, built in 1796.

Gologrčki dol

The vast field that stretches below Gologorica and reaches all the way to the Plomin Bay, to the Liburnian part of Istria, is called Gologorički Dol. The whole area under the slopes of flysch hills with scattered hamlets: Bratičići, Gržani, Kočebari, Lukačići, Radetići, Stancija, Šepčići and Želeski. Due to the mild climate, the area has been inhabited since ancient times, and today it is best known for Agrotourism Dol in the village Lukačići, where you can taste excellent Istrian dishes and see the animals on the farm.

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