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Off road Arena Buići

Amk No limits

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The offroad track Arena is located between the villages of Buici and Skrapi, nearby Katun Trviski. It is equipped with lighting, water, semi-covered canopy covering about 250 m2 and the track is 1100 m long, suitable for competitions, training sessions, socializing with 4x4 vehicles at offroad, motocross, autocross, squad racing and similar sports. The track can be adjusted according to the needs of a specific sport or person and it can also be used for the organization of other events, such as concerts. With prior notice, we organize offroad courses on the track, with your own 4x4 vehicles or with ours.


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Šantarija MX park

MCK SANTARIJA (Motocross club Santarija)

+385 (0) 91 305 0875 (Giovanni Tominić)

santar[email protected]

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 We offer:

- Training on a motocross track during the whole year

- Rent a motocross bike

- Accommodation

- Garage usage 

- Recording and imaging services

- Training with coach

- MX & enduro track


Mx park Santarija is professional circular track 1700m long, where is every year organized Croatian Mx Championship and our famous "MX Game Of Thrones".

We organize and offer weekly motocross training, free picinic zone in nature, free natural workout gym.


More about "MX Game Of Thrones" and about the track you can see here.

Enduro Bašić

Branko Bašić

+385 (0) 91 501 8664

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Training ground is located in Lesišćina, near Lupoglav. 

Also, we offer accommodation (double rooms, for 11 persons).

Enduro Croatia

+385 (0) 91 883 4852 (Dalibor Aničić)

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The mild Mediterranean climate of Istria, the convenient location, the awareness of environmental protection and nature conservation, has made this area a real small paradise for all off-road enthusiasts. The view is splendid diversity of white-distant mountains, beautiful green fields, valleys and coast, vineyards and olive groves, and our favorite… Blue Adriatic Sea.

As you get to off road nature, you will be astonished by the details, but of course, the fantastic off road tracks is the main thing we have for you! Everything is warm-hearted and friendly - the nature, towns and people. Crystal blue sea, refreshing green forests, beautiful landscapes… It’s all Istria. We have prepared beautiful tracks whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere with our experienced guides who will respond to your every request.

Enduro Kroatien Istrien

+385 (0) 91 539 1022 (Doris)

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Depends on your wishes, we created different routes which bring you adrenalin rides, reaching the hill tops and enjoying in great views, as well as less hard routes which bring you more time to enjoy the landscape and make a photo.

If you are a ‘sea fan’ and simply can’t avoid the Croatian and Istrian coast, we offer you rides on the coast side.

As we wanted to give you more, you have a great new possibility to choose a route which you like the best each day; hard, medium, light, forest, coast or hills ride!

For a complete joy on your Enduro trip here in Croatia, we assured for you the best guide, accommodation in traditional Istrian village with fresh made food and drinks and a safe place for your motorcycles, with washing equipment.


Central Istria Quad Tours

Quad Tours Kirci

Kirci (Beram), Pazin

+385 (0)91 5699 351


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20.04. - 30.09. uz najavu / Reservation required

Experience a quad adventure by driving on the roads and paths in the woods. Explore the natural beauties and hidden waterfalls of Central Istria. Choose one of our tours lasting from 30 minutes to 3 hours. The tours are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced drivers. Explore central Istria and have fun!

Grad Pazin Općina Cerovlje Općina Gračišće Općina Karojba Općina Lupoglav Općina Pićan Općina Sveti Lovreč Općina Sveti Petar u Šumi Općina Tinjan

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