Pazin - Grdoselo - Veliki slap

Pazin - Grdoselo

From Spomen dom (The Memorial Centre of Union and Freedom) in Pazin we go downhill the asphalt road to Rijavac, we cross over the Bridge of St. Joseph and climb uphill. We will see a hiking trail sign at the house number Rijavac 6, so we turn right, reach a path and continue straight on. We cross the brooklet and climb uphill towards the Šampjerovac Hill (428 m) following the markings, until we arrive to Grdoselo (234 m nm).
The parish Church of the Holy Name of Mary at Grdoselo contains the Grdoselo Fragment from the 12th century, one of the oldest Croatian Glagolitic monuments. It was found in the ruins of the Church of St. Anne, which was one of the three churches of the Old town (Zelengrad- Greentown), today the abandoned village, the former Grdoselo, situated about 800m north of the present-day Grdoselo. If we proceed towards the Old town (which is also marked), we should be careful since the old fort with the partly maintained walls is not preserved.
We can return to Pazin by taking a picturesque, old path via the hamlet of Belići, which is not specifically marked, but we follow it on the map and it covers the distance of 7 km. 

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Grdoselo - Veliki slap - Grimalda

Second part of the route starts from Church, downhill throught village to the north. After 250 m, there is a crossroad (nearby hackberry tree). On the left you will see a road that is leading to the cementery, but you are going straight (downhill) through the wood. Passing across the brooklet, you will come to the meadow which leads (uphill) to the crossroad. Again, you are going straight. After 1 km, you will come to The big waterfall, after which you will see an asphalted road and turn left, where you will see another waterfall. There is also a third waterfall but this 1 km away (not in your direction). You will turn on the side road and passing through hamlet Bašići and Cesari then uphill to the Grimalda.

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