The trekking trail Pazinska jama

Short walk Pazinska jama


Valvasorova 1 (Most Vršić), Pazin

+385 (0)98 330 038; +385 (0)91 512 1528

[email protected]

svaki dan/every day 10:00 - 18:00

The short educational walk Pazinska jama is 1100 meters long and starts below the castle "Kaštel", on the Vršić bridge. The trail descends into the Pazinčica canyon, leads through the forest to the viewpoint called "Piramida".
The tour is independent, with no guides, and the trail is equipped with multilingual billboards that provide additional explanations of the phenomenon of karst, hydrography, the plant life of the abyss, legends, explorations and brave explorers. The educational trail ends on the parking lot behind the Lovac Hotel, then returns along the edge of the cliff all the way to the Vršić Bridge.

The short walk in Pazinska jama is open all year round. It descends from the Vršić bridge to the stream (-50m), then climbs to the parking lot behind the hotel Lovac (+ 120m altitude difference), the trail is charged.

Price: adults 5 €, children 5-18 years 3€ (children up to 5 years - free)
The ticket is a contribution to the permanent protection, preservation and improvement of the protected landscape "Pazinski ponor".

Note: Entrance is at your own risk, underground sightseeing is not included.
Warning: It is strictly forbidden to move outside the marked path, go down into the river flow or walk along the narrow passage of the abyss!

Photo Gallery of trail
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