Valley of watermills


If you are going to see Zarečki krov (Zarečki roof) be careful because of the landslide large rock. 

We recommend to all visitors to be careful and try to avoid the left side of the waterfall. 

Walk by the river at your own risk.

The hiking trail through the Valley of Watermills leads from the centre of Pazin to the waterfalls "Pazinski krov" (0,8 km) and "Zarečki krov" (3,2 km). Not recommended during rainy days.
You can start your walk in front of tourist office and follow signs for walking trail marked with number 713, until you reach St. Joseph’s Bridge (Most sv. Jožefa). From that point on, you have no signs, just follow our instructions.
When you reach bridge "Sv. Jožefa" you have to continue to the left, across the bridge. After 100m of asphalt you will reach first house in 'Rijavac street' on you right side. Here you have to turn to the right, behind the house on macadam road. After 1km you will come to the asphalt road, and on this point you have to turn right once again and you will pass over the „Dušani“ bridge. At the end of the bridge you have to turn left by the river and after 1km through the forest you will reach waterfall Zarečki krov.

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