The Drystone walls Trail 721

Technical description

Trail marked with number 721
Start: Tinjan
End: Tinjan
Length: 12,7 km
Difficulty: Medium
Altitude: 228 m
Highest point: 322 m
Lowest point: 170 m
Duration: 3:00 h


The Drystone wall Trail (Staza suhozida) starts in Tinjan, municipality known for the Istrian smoked ham (pršut). Get ready for the hike at the Prefect’s Table (Županov stol) - in the centre of Tinjan, and then follow the trail which runs eastwards along to the asphalt road. After 50 meters, the trail leaves civilisation and turns to the right onto a field path which it follows for another 150 meters until it reaches a crossing. At the crossing the route continue straight forward and follow a single-track path which, in combination with the forest road, eventually leads to the asphalt road. There the trail turns to the right and climbs the asphalt road for some 200 meters uphill to the first curve where it turns to the right onto the first gravel road that you see. At the crossroad, the trail descends slowly into the valley and continues southwards through the fertile valley of Draga, where the hardworking people have cultivated the land for centuries. After 5.4 kilometres the trail starts to climb up to the village of Kringa along a path which is a combination of gravel and asphalt. The climb is worthwhile in any case, because in Kringa you can hear a legend of the vampire Jure Grando at any street corner. According to the legend, the vampire Jure Grando lived in 17th century and used to terrorize the local population until they eventually beheaded him.  

If you find the local legends scary, follow the trail thorough the centre and then out of the village, where you will be welcomed by a magnificent European nettle tree (celtis australis). There, the trail turns to the right and continues along the gravel road for the next 2.8 kilometres up to the village of Pajci. The trail, then, turns to the left along the asphalt road and, passing through several villages, takes you back to the centre of Tinjan, which is your final destination.
This is a trail of a medium level of difficulty which connects Kringa and Tinjan, two interesting villages with an ancient history and tradition. The route mostly comprises soft footpaths and gravel roads and partly single-track paths and asphalt roads.
The best time to enjoy the Drywall Trail are the dry spring, summer and autumn days when the trail is complemented by bright colours of seasonal vegetation.

Route map - pdf

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