Caving adventure Pazin cave

Speleološko društvo

Valvasorova 1 (Most Vršić), Pazin

+385 (0) 91 512 1528; +385 (0) 98 33 0038


po najavi, VII i VIII mjesec: 10:00, 13:30, 15:30

Pazin cave is a speleological object which is protected by law and can be visited only with guides - the members of the Speleological Association "Istra" Pazin, in cooperation with the Public Institution "Natura Histrica". They will take you into the underground of the Pazin Cave throughout the year depending on the weather conditions and upon request. The visit is organized in a natural ecological way and it gives you a unique experience of the underground.

In the beginning, there is an introduction about how to use the basic equipment which is necessary for the Speleo-adventure and the guides inform you about where it is allowed to move, possible obstacles and how to overcome them in the easiest way. There is a slight descent through trail to the canyon in the riverbed Pazinčica. The underground part of the trail is about 200 m long and it ends with a big hall and an underground lake which length is 80 m.
There is a small zip line inside the speleological object which transfers visitors to a sandbar of the underground lake. It gives a unique dimension to the speleo – adventure.
The return is done on the same trail after the end of the underground visit. The total height difference is approximately 118 m.

Note for the visitors: 
It is necessary to bring appropriate sport shoes and extra clothes, it is also recommended to wear light long sleeves because it's colder inside (about 15°C).

Opening hours: 
Upon request
July and August: departures from bridge Vršić at 10:00, 13:30, 15:30

Tour duration:
2,5 hours

230 kn (~30€) per person, kids 190 kn (~25 €).
The minimum age for kids is 8 years.
The price includes: 2 experienced guides –speleologists, helmets and lights
Minimum – max. number of persons: 3 – 15

Reservation is required for all departures!


*Speleoavantura is the holder of the Safe Stay in Croatia label.

Pazin abyss

Beneath The Castle of Pazin plunges Pazinčica river which makes (under the town) two underground lakes connected by siphon. On rainy days, when the abyss can not take too much water, it makes a lake about 2 km long. That happened in 1883, 1896, 1930, 1934, 1935, 1961, 1964, 1974, 1993, 2002 (twice), 2008 and in 2009. The great flood that happened was in 1896 when the water came up to 30 m under the walls of the Castle of Pazin. 

There is something about the Pazin cave - a unique masterpiece of nature which is mentioned, as well as The Castle of Pazin, in many books written by travel writers (Valvasor, Petronio, Yriarte). It was also an inspiration to many famous writers - Jules Verne, Dante, Vladimir Nazor and to many other writers.

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