Church of St. Roch

Kuća fresaka

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Frescoes, Draguć

Church of St. Roch was built at the beginning of the 16th century. Once the old entrance into Draguć was here where the church, says the belief of the time, actually protected the settlement from the plague. The interior is completely decorated with wall paintings (frescoes), made during two occasions in 1529 and 1537 by master  Antun from Padova, who also confirmed this with one Glagolitic and one Latin inscription. He was not from Padova in Italy but from Kašćerga, a small village you can see from the church door if gazing across the lake. The same master is also credited the decoration of the Church of St. Roch in Oprtalj while he is most renowned for Hum triptych – the only notable medieval painting by a local artist in Istra. The frescoes in the Church of St. Roch are not (as they are in the majority of Istrian churches) later covered with paint, which preserved their colouring almost completely  intact, apart from the areas painted lead white which became black due to the effects of moisture.

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