Paulines Monastery and Church of St. Peter and Paul

Sv. Petar u Šumi 1, Sveti Petar u Šumi

+385 (0)99 311 2027

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Sveti Petar u Šumi

PAULINES MONASTERY AND CHURCH OF ST. PETER AND PAUL –originally Benedictine, but in 1459. given to the Paulines - the white monks who restored the monastery. Interestingly enough, they arranged the cloister in the way that they put the new Renaissance columns on the ground floor and moved the old Romanesque ones to the floor above. The monastery church of St. Peter and Paul the Apostle were then restored in Gothic style. It was re-dedicated in 1755 with baroque facade, and in the same style, we encounter very rarely in Istria, richly equipped interior of the church.

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