Pazin abyss

Pazin’s Abyss is an extraordinary natural attraction that has left Dante Alighieri, Jules Verne and many others who had the opportunity to see this unique work of nature, at a loss for words. In the town where the most striking example of karst landscape evolution in Istria and wider is to be seen, around a hundred metres below the largest and best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria, the largest Istrian underground river – Pazinčica flows. On its course the Pazinčica forms a number of smaller and larger cascades among which the most attractive are the Pazinski and the Zarečki krov. The Abyss can be visited by a short walk along the educational walking trail (length 1,1 km, start at bridge Vršić). If you are an adrenaline addict, you can enter the abyss accompanied by experienced speleologists and explore the underground world in an exciting Caving Adventure or fly over it on a Zip Line.

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