Pazinčica valley

The Stream of Pazin, or the Pazinčica, originates from three smaller streams: Lipa, Rakov and Borut Stream, and enters the hollow of Pazin from the North. As the terrain is Karst, the stream flow forms many bigger and smaller cascades, waterfalls and lakes, some suitable for a summer bathe.

Pazinski krov and Zarecki krov are among the most interesting structures. The valley of Pazin Stream, together with the Pazin Cave where the stream sinks into subterranean passages, is an attractive natural area for a number of nature lovers as cyclists, climbers, walkers and anglers. During the past, water flow was used for mill running, and their remains can still be seen along the banks.

You can walk along part of Pazinčica on marked trail nr. 713 "Đir do Pazinskog krova"

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