The ponds in the Tinjan area

A special significance in the past for the life in the villages had the ponds and the springs, ensuring the water for the residents and the animals. The ponds in the open, with free access, were mostly used for cattle. As the cattle drank the water, they munched on the vegetation and with that prevented the ponds from overgrowing and becoming impassable, and while walking through the ponds they also pressed the ground on the bottom, which in turn became impermeable to water and succeeded in keeping the water even through the dry, summer periods. Among the numerous ponds of this kind, the Great (or Srbinjska) pond is definitely worth a visit.

On the other hand, the ponds with more water quality people enclosed with stones and fences in order to keep them clean for human consumption, as well as for better preservation of the water. One of the best known and beautiful ones was the pond Pajićka.

After the construction of the water supply system, the ponds are less used, but their attractiveness remained the same until this day. Driving along the cycling trail known as “From pond to pond” you will feel the way of life from the past and visit these beautiful points of life.

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