Waterfall Sopot

The Sopot waterfall, located next to the village Floričići near Pićan, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Istria, which is gladly visited by excursionists and pedestrians. The waterfall is about 25 meters high and forms a beautiful turquoise lake at the bottom.

Along the waterfall there are 2 viewpoints: the Old Slavic god Perun who is the ruler of the sky in a position just above the waterfall and the viewpoint of his wife, fertility goddess and protector of women Mokoš, which is located halfway down the west side towards the lake. Her position was always at the crossroads of earth, underworld (god Veles) and sky (god Perun). Because of her indecision, she lived underground in the winter and in the sky in the spring.
To descend towards the small lake, caution is required, there are 2 ropes on the trail that make it easier to descend the steep part of the rock, but is worth the effort.

This place is also inhabited by two protected animal species: Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) and Newt (Triturus carnifex)

What makes the area around the waterfall even more special is the Century Bridge - built in Napoleon's time as the main link between the surrounding villages and Pićan. The water damaged this bridge several times, but the locals kept rebuilding it. The last renovation was in 1953. Nearby is a table with benches for rest or picnic, and you can choose whether to return to Pićan on the hiking trail St. Rochus (Istra trails 702) or continue towards Gračišće, along the trail of St. Simon (Istria trails 701).

Access by car is possible from Floričići, which can be reached from the main road Pazin - Labin by turning in Zajci, following the signpost for Jakomići and Švići.

NOTE: During the dry summer months - there is no water and no waterfall

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