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Sveti Lovreč, 05.09.2020.

You must have surely been deeply touched while listening to organ music, especially in the sacred spaces. Perhaps you have heard how the famous director Alfred Hitchcock said he felt like he was leading the public by playing the organ while filming his famous movie Psycho.

Have you ever wanted to experience how the organ player feels while playing the queen of all instruments, which also is the most demanding of all instruments? Now, it is the right time to experience it.

During the 21st International Organum Histriae festival that will be held on Saturday, the 5th of September at 11 am, make sure to visit Sv. Lovreč Pazenatički, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Istria, located in the hinterland of Vrsar and Poreč.

In a three-nave parish church, the former basilica of St. Martin and the most preserved early Romanic basilica in Istria, is kept the oldest functional organ in Istria. It is the work of the famous organ player Petar Nakić (Pietro Nacchini) from the year 1735, that was with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Italian Veneto region and Istrian county, restored by the Italian Zanin Organi company in the year 2013.

Through the guided sightseeing for the group of 20 people:
- Currently, the most valuable restored and functional organ in Istria will be presented in Croatian, Italian and English language
- Up to two participants can be photographed at the singing place or nearby the playing place, they can try to play the instrument with the assistance of the young organ players or to create a sound if they don't have any former musical education, change the register, ask the questions...
- Listen to the short concert performance of the organ players (Elena Roce, Krešimir Klarić, Vanna or Paola Piemonte)

Sightseeing is free of charge and you can register until there are free spots left on the mobile phone no. +385 98 335 416 or on the Facebook profile.

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