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OPG Vošten


Vošteni 23, 52448 Sveti Lovreč, Sveti Lovreč

+385 52 448 403, +385 91 720 2139; 385 98 860 561

[email protected]

Sveti Lovreč, Vošteni

In Central Istria, on its red soil with sea salt in the air, olive trees have been lovingly grown and top-quality extra-virgin olive oil has been carefully produced by many generations of the Vošten family. Our great effort resulted in the hundred-year-old growth of olive trees, hand-picked olives, organically processed and cold-pressed olive oil, being included in the  "Flos Olei" world-guide for more than a few years in a row, and receiving many awards and prizes. Extra-virgin olive oil with its golden yellow colour inter-weaved with gentle green hues and with its strong aromatic smell, taste is an exquisite complement to your every meal. Visit our family farm to experience the long-lost authentic harmony between man and nature and to bring back with you the golden drop of our soil as a reminder.

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