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Zlatni brig

Martine Lemaitre

Pagubice 8, 52402 Cerovlje, Cerovlje

+385 (0) 99 810 2121

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Cerovlje, Pagubice

"Zlatni brig" is located in central Istria, not far from the village of Pagubice, in the Cerovlje Municipality.
This area the locals call the Golden Meadow, according to which the olive grower was named "Zlatni brig".
The owner Milan Matković launched the production of virgin olive oil in autumn 2010.
In addition to our 1500 olive trees, which are planted all over the olive grove, they also do olive processing of local olive trees.
They sell the oil under the brand name "Grimalda" to the market.
Olive oil "Grimalda" was awarded the Golden Medal for Variety of Olive Oil on the VIIIth International Olive Show of the Mediterranean "Maslina Split 2012".
Olives are processed by a cold process of 100%, which guarantees maximum preservation of high-value natural ingredients.
The quality of virgin olive oil produced in our oil mill is also confirmed by the Croatian Control Certificate.

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