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Obiteljsko pčelarstvo Gržetić

Obiteljsko pčelarstvo Gržetić

Zarečje 32, Pazin

+385 (0)52 622 537, (0)92 205 3178

[email protected]


Family Beekeeping Gržetić

Zarečje 32, Pazin

Tel. +385 (0) 52 622 537

Guido Gržetić is one of the first registered beekeepers in Istria. He started keeping bees in 1967, first as a hobby and then as an additional source of income. He uses stationary beehives in various locations between Zarečje and as far as the valley of the Butoniga. A specific feature of his work is the use of the Langstroth beehives with comb nests consisting of semi-extensions. Since the very beginning of organised honey evaluation in Istria and Croatia, honey coming from the Gržetić family business has been one of the most prized, not only the acacia honey but also the other varieties.
Acacia honey, chestnut honey, meadow honey, forest honey, propolis, beeswax, decorative candles, walnuts in honey, hazelnuts in honey, comb honey - are just some of the products in the wide range offered by the Gržetić family on their estate at Zarečje, near Pazin.

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