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Benazić Biserka

OPG Benazić Biserka

Benazići 101, Pićan, Pićan

+385 (0) 52 850 703, +385 (0) 98 928 39 18

[email protected]

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Sv. Katarina

OPG Benazić Biserka

Benazići 101, Pićan

Tel: +385( 0) 52 850 703, +385 (0) 98 928 3918, [email protected] 

Biserka inherited her love of apiculture from her father Guido Gržetić, who lives in Zarečje. In her work she has greatly benefitted from her father’s rich experience and has been using his style of beekeeping with Langstroth semi-expandable bee hives. She has been beekeeping on her own since 2004 in multiple apiaries located in the areas of Gračišće, Kršan and Pićan, helped by her husband Neven. She produces several types of honey (acacia, meadow, forest, ivy, heather) along with a vast range of bee products. The greatest achievement of her beekeeping career is the First Prize for her acacia honey at the 2012 Pazin Honey Days. Visits to the tasting room at Benazići (Sv. Katarina) ought to be announced in advance.

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