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Castle Belaj

Belaj winery d.o.o.

Belaj 20a, 52402 Cerovlje, Cerovlje

+385 (0)91 1200 277

[email protected]

pet-ned/Fri-Sun 12:00 - 23:00 *za grupe otvoreno i ostalim danima-uz prethodni dogovor

Belaj - Cerovlje

Castle Belaj winery established in 2011 by Belay family. From that on we produce wine only from the historical Vineyard around the property. First Vintages are produced with the help of Gianfranko Kozlovic and Ivica Matosevic winemaking craftwork. From 2016 production is fully moved into Belaj cellars. Every year Castle Belaj wines brings Golden and Silver medals from Decanter and Vinistra wine competitions.

Closed from 30.12.19. - 01.03.2020.

  • Offer food
  • Wine
  • Possible credit card payment
  • Wi-Fi
Number of seats outside: 150
Number of seats inside: 37
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