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Vina In Sylvis

Marko i Lara Zgrablić

Sv. Petar u Šumi 96d, Sveti Petar u Šumi

 +385 (0)99 87 44 262; +385 (0)98 94 75 313

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Sveti Petar u Šumi

Our story begins in 2013, when we re-planted a vineyard on our old family estate. The estate stretches over three hectares, and our wine and other products are named In Sylvis (lat. In forests). The village in which we grew up and where the vineyard is located was named after the monastery that history remembers as Monasterium Sancti Petri in Sylvis (en. The Monastery of St. Petar in the Forests) - hence the name of our wines and productus.  Somewhat distant from the village itself, our estate is surrounded by nature and a peaceful feeling that only a forest can provide. Out of this feeling of tranquility our vision emerged: we are set to lend all the best that the Istrian soil has to offer and with immeasurable love and dedication produce wine that will enchant you with its personality, taste, and smell.

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