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Fresco of the Living Cross, Lindar

The church of St. Catherine was built in 1392, and was used as a parish church until 1860. It is the most famous cultural monument of Lindar due to its specific and unique fresco of the "Living Cross’’ found in the interior of the church. The fresco was painted in 1409, as testified by the Glagolitic inscription on the painting, and it depicts the allegorical representation of the Crucifixion scene, where the arms of the cross transform into four lifelike hands. The recent restorations have discovered the remains of frescoes present on the walls of the sanctuary as well, and these represent the scene of the Kiss of Judas. There is a bellcote without bells on the façade of this little church, while in front of it there is the attached porch with Gothic-style profiled bordering lines. The ancient, carved high altar dates back to 1770, while the altarpiece is from the 17th century.

You can experience the fresco to the fullest if you take along the description and interpretation published back in 1951 by Branko Fučić, Ph.D. "Among numerous medieval monuments of wall painting in Istria, an almost unknown work on the wall of the chapel of St. Catherine at Lindar draws special attention to itself. By both its painting characteristics and its content, it is unique in the heritage of our cultural and artistic history. Although the central figure in the painting represents the crucified Jesus Christ, it does not depict the Crucifixion the way we usually see it in paintings in our churches. Here at Lindar, the Crucifixion is not presented as a historical event on Mount Calvary, where at the moment of Christ’s death you can see the Virgin, St. John, women, Jews and soldiers beneath the cross...>>> more

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