Church of St. Simon and Judas Thaddeus

Župni ured Tinjan


+385 (52) 626 016


The parish church dating back to the 18th century is an interesting example of the late Baroque in Istria. Above the front door lies the statue of the Virgin Mary with child, whilst the sides present the statues of St. Simon (left) and St. Judas Thaddeus (right). The 28 metre high bell tower, which is separate from the church, was built in 1762. It differs from most Istrian bell towers in its crown, giving an exceptional hallmark to the view of Tinjan.

To visit the Church of St. Simon and Judas Thaddeus or the Chapel of St. Cross (Kapela Sv. Križa), please contact the Tinjan Parish Office: tel. +385 52 626016.

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