Pazin - inspiration

Jules Verne

Jules Verne, a pioneer of science fiction, set a large part of the plot of his novel Mathias Sandorf from 1885 into Pazin. After the introductory part of the novel, which takes place in Trieste, a rebellious count Mathias Sandorf and his two friends are arrested and imprisoned in the Castle of Pazin. They manage to escape through the window and down the lightning rod into the cave, and are then carried into the underground by the flood. After a while, two rebellions see daylight in the Bay of Lim on the West Coast of Istria. The story leads us all over the Adriatic (Rovinj, Dubrovnik) and further over the Mediterranean (Sicily, Malta, Gibraltar).

Vladimir Nazor

Vladimir Nazor, a very well known Croatian writer, who lived and worked in Pazin at the beginning of 20th century, finds the inspiration for his novel Gory Days here, but his legend about the emergence of the Cave of Pazin is also interesting.

Dante Alighieri

There is no concrete evidence that Dante Alighieri was in Pazin. But in its part, it is mentioned Pula and the Kvarner islands and he describes the Pazin abyss.

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