A guide through the old town

Tinjan - sightseeing

The best way to get to know better Tinjan is to begin you tour at the viewpoint (you can see the villages Kringa, St. Peter in the Woods and Ježenj). People say that in the past the valley flowed Pazinčica river all the way to the Lim Fjord, on the west side of Istria. Today, the river plunges in Pazin cave - beneth The Castle of Pazin.

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In the shade of the trees, there is a stone table. Around that table used to sit the locals and discussed about who is going to be the next county ruler. According to legend, the locals put the flea in the middle of the table and in which beard the flea hides - he was a county ruler. But, do not take that seriously. A county ruler had too much responsibility, so locals did not try the flea method to choose the county ruler.

Near the tabel, you can see the statue of St. John of Nepomuk (Sv. Ivan Nepomuk) - the protector and guardian people of the floods, of the queens, poor people and bridge builders.  

The main gate

Looking at the center of Tinjan, towards the bell tower -it is led by a stone paved street. At the very beginning, there was a city gate with a double-headed eagle above the entrance. Even today, people call this place - Bridge. The building on the left of the entrance was actually built on the ruins of the walls. 

Depiera collection

The Baroque House Depiera (3) with a high exotic chimney from 1670 and a classic porch with arcades and cistern from 1820. On the opposite side, it was built in 1835 a small house of the same family with an interesting yard, leaning on the remains of the eastern tower of the town fort originated, judging by the foundation of the Renaissance.

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