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Boris Hrvatin

Bankovci 96, Pazin, Pazin

+385(0)91 538 82 73

[email protected]

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Pazin, Bankovci

Boris belongs to the younger generation of Istrian beekeepers. He inherited the beekeeping tradition from his father. He mostly produces acacia, chestnut and meadow honey. His hives are located near a village, surrounded by virgin nature, which gives the products a distinctive worthiness. Apart from honey, one can try propolis, honey in honeycomb and walnuts in honey. Today, Boris and his family use modern beekeeping techniques but without forgetting tradition: a small rustic tasting cellar houses a little exhibition of ethnographic items belonging to the rural life of central Istria: various saws, drills, chisels, a corn mortar, stone vessel for keeping oil, wooden vice. When the host offers you wine - do not hesitate - even the wine carries the taste of tradition! The secret lies in a very rare sort of grapes called duranija which, blended with malvasia, gives the wine a particular taste. Apart from the already common Istrian medenica (grappa with honey), we recommend višnjica - a happy combination of grappa, honey and cherries. You can buy honey Hrvatin in souvenir shops "Kantunić" and "Taste Istria" in Pazin.


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